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Planting Trees at your Rentals

November 3, 2013

Our local city municipal power company was offering their annual “Tree Power – Tree Giveaway” on Saturday, Nov 2. I am sure they get some attractive tax credits or something for being green and planting trees. The annual give away is popular and the line started very early in the morning. We got there at 7am and had to get in a 30-40 minute line. They had it organized well where you waited in your car and slowly moved toward the nursery center to load up your tree.

We were able to get 2 trees as we had our primary and one rental located in this particular city. We ended up putting both trees at the same property (Property 1).  The front yard at this property has nothing there as we had to remove an old tree that was diseased and died years ago.

tree plant pic

I did not realize this was actually the time to plan trees. Here is a snip it I found on or somewhere on google:

“Many homeowners think Spring when planting trees. But gardening experts consider Fall the best time to add trees to the landscape. Trees planted now get a headstart on establishing roots before summer returns.

Tree roots (and those of other plants) grow when the temperature is roughly above 40 degrees. In mild winters, roots gain the strength they need to deal with summer. And, because their roots have been growing all fall and winter, trees planted now burst with growth when Spring arrives.”

I feel good trees really add value to a property. We went with Cedar Elm trees as they looked like they grew quicker, were drought tolerant, and have many other good qualities that should make for good trees.

Val and I planted the trees ourselves as we had great weather and I knew the soil would be easy digging as we have had lots of rain lately. The planting went smoothly and I used the specific instructions that they provided. I will attach a .pdf of the flyer they provided as there are some good instructions here on planting young trees.

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