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Improvements to Maintain Tenants

August 10, 2013

We try to not to make improvements to our rentals that don’t yield more dollars in the monthly rent rate. However, some improvements are just necessary maintenance that needs to be done to help keep good tenants. Our tenant in Property 6 is one of our best tenants. She complained a few months ago about the lawn in the front yard. It was dying out even with the sprinkler system and lawn in place. This was our old primary home and we also had trouble maintaining the St. Augustine grass in the heavily shaded front yard.

There are two large trees in the front yard which really add to the character of the home. The solution was trimming these trees and resoding with a shade friendly cultivar of St Augustine called Palmetto. The result looks good and the tenant is happy. Total cost was $350.  

While this maintenance does not allow for higher rent, it does show we take pride in maintaining our rentals. It sets expectations for the tenants to help maintain the home. We had this done over a month ago and the grass is coming in nicely. Tenants are happy – hopefully it helps retention. Even if she moves next month, we still need grass in the front yard to market to the next tenants. Effectively, this is an expense you will eventually have so you might as well incur it now and you have a better chance of keeping it occupied.

Below are some before and after pics.


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  1. Thanks for sharing those photos. The addition of grass really makes the place look a lot better.

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