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Why do company’s fear hiring entrepreneurs?

April 12, 2013

I found this article: “Why are hiring managers scared of Entrepreneurs” and found it to be a great topic that deserves more attention.  As someone who holds a day job at a Fortune 100 Company – I can tell you this mentality around hiring entrepreneurs certainly exists. This is one reason I keep quiet about my rentals around the office.


Here is a quote from the article,

As we evolve as a society, it’s essential we better understand the psyche of the entrepreneur and how their skills can be successfully leveraged by any business, whether at a start-up venture or an established Fortune 500 company. Successful entrepreneurs’ expertise spans the board, equally adept at marketing, accounting, technology, and, by necessity, management and leadership.”

Masters of opportunity identification and assessment, entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get into the weeds of implementation, yet remain focused on the big picture objectives.  There is nothing an entrepreneur can’t do – that’s because being an entrepreneur isn’t a job or a function. It’s a way of thinking.

The foundation of entrepreneurship requires a diverse set of skills, including creativity, superior problem solving capabilities, the ability to learn quickly and the disposition to remain focused on the primary goals and objectives, all built upon a deep level of passion.

In one week, I could be juggling many tasks: negotiating a purchase, bidding work with a contractor, managing tenant’s, challenging property taxes, etc. These are real skills that in reality make me a better “Day Job” employee.

I know many entrepreneurs who have struggled with this issue as well. They have made all these efforts to fill gaps in their resume where they owned their own business. Instead of hiding these gaps they should be highlighted as great experience and character strengths.  It’s too bad hiring managers and Corporate employers are shortisighted and not able to leverage these entrepreneurial skills.

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