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Using Remnants to save $ on your rehabs

October 14, 2012

On my new purchase, I replaced the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. The old flooring was really outdated, dirty, and had a couple of holes in it. I went with a large remnant piece that was in the back of my local flooring store. I found their prices much better than the big Box Stores (especially on install).  This allowed for a low cost job and installation occurred quickly. I actually had the new flooring purchased and installed before I owned the home. 

I would not recommend this on any bank, short sale, or on most purchase scenarios. However, this was a FSBO where I got to know the owner as we negotiated back and forth over the last 6-8 months. The closed date was set, title was good and everything was in order. The seller had already signed all the documents and I was paying all cash for the property. We were merely waiting until Friday. Typically, you don’t have the keys to the house – but I requested them to do a final inspection.

I did a similar strategy to replace one room with carpet. This was a separated room on the other side of the kitchen. I used the same flooring company for the vinyl and carpet. I found this solution to be the best way to clean up the property. The new flooring helped eliminate the ‘old lady’ smell that eminated from the house and really cleaned it up.

The kitchen remnant piece was large and covered the entire kitchen in this small property. Total cost of the vinyl remnant was $160. The one room that needed carpet was small and right off the kitchen. It was approximately 12’ x 12’. This was bottom of the line carpet, but it really freshened up the place. Cost of the carpet remnant was $90. Install was the biggest portion of the cost at $350. I first thought this was expensive, but it took 3 guys 7 hours to complete the job. It looked much better than I anticipated.

Below are some before and after pics:

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  1. Using remnants looks like a great way to cut corners on costs.

    When you are replacing old tile or vinyl flooring do you ever come across any that might have asbestos?

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