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The landlord quick fix

September 15, 2012

As a landlord, I like to save money at every opportunity. I am not a slumlord and don’t believe in deferring maintenance that should be done. However, I will take the easy road out whenever possible.

Here is a classic case of taking the easy road. My last tenants left a refrigerator after they moved out. I don’t typically provide fridges for 2 main reasons. Many tenants already have one and I don’t like to maintain them (especially the icemakers).

Since the last tenants left one and I knew it worked – I left it in the property. I explained as I was showing the property that the last tenants left the fridge and I would leave it for them if they needed one. I further explained that it worked a week ago when the power was on, but if it breaks down – you will need to repair or replace it. I followed this with the stove and dishwasher were my appliances and if you have any problems with them call me and I will get it repaired. No one that I showed the property had a problem with my policy and many liked the idea of having a fridge option.

The fridge itself was old, but it had no odor and all the crisper drawers were in good order. The outside of the fridge did have some scratches and marks right on the front door. Below is before and after pics on how I handled this.


I ended up renting the property to a young couple that needed a fridge.

Total cost of this repair was $5.97 at Walmart.

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  1. That’s an ingenious technique. That refrigerator looks like new!

    One time I tried putting a mirror on a closet door that had a hole in it. It worked okay, but when the tenants left, they took the mirror with them. They had lived there so long (4 years), they must have thought it was theirs.

  2. Chuck,

    On another topic, how to make the “like” button appear on your blog.

    I can’t figure out how to do that and I have WordPress too.

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