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We filled our vacancy after 9 days…

August 26, 2012

Here are some updates from last week’s post and overall stats on filling our latest vacancy. I officially put the sign in the yard on Thursday, August 16. I just received the deposit from my new candidate earlier today (August 25). It will be another 2 weeks before my new tenants move in, but I think they will be worth waiting for. Below are some interesting details on filling this vacancy:

I received 42 calls on the property. These are net new calls – not repeat callers checking in. This was also after posting a flyer in the front window with details on rent, deposit, appliances, etc. This sign in the window typically cuts down on the curious landlords and nosey neighbors. Below is the flyer I frequently put in the front window of my vacancies:

For Rent Flyer sample 1

Ran an ad in a local weekly paper. I seldom run an ad in a news paper, but I will explain why I did this in another post. I will tell you I got 6 calls from this ad, but only limited results.

I received 7 completed applications. This is more applications than I typically receive. I think this was due to our app only being one page and we also don’t charge and app fee. 

Spent $486 on Repairs & Maintenance. My biggest expense was labor. I paid the landscaper down the street $100 for mowing, tree trimming, and haul-off.  I paid another $100 for painters to paint the living room, dining room, part of the kitchen, and one bedroom. Other expenses were for cleaning, new blinds, paint supplies, door locks, advertising, plumbing, etc.

My tenant did pay the final $125 that I discussed last week. This effectively had them paid current until they moved out on the 17th of August. I am keeping their deposit due to the lack of notice and late pay. Overall not bad – the great condition they left the property in really helped me get it rented quickly.

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