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Architectural Salvage Yards – They are not just for Restorations

June 30, 2012

The wife and I stopped by our local Architectural Salvage yard here in Dallas. Most people use these types of stores for historical restorations, but we use them to fix up our older rentals as well. We have 2 built in the 50’s – and this is a perfect place to find that medicine cabinet that will fit, window shutter, piece of HW floor, etc.  

The inventory for this store comes from various demo sites for some older homes in an area called Highland Park here in Dallas. The prices really vary depending on what you need – but you can find those HW floor pieces or vent covers or whatever you need to replace that old part without rebuilding.

Attached are some pics from the inside of the store. The place is huge. We have even bought a couple of things for our primary home and always enjoying walking through and checking out the new inventory.



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  2. nunya permalink

    … and where exactly are these places? What are their names so I can look them up?????

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