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Another house flipping show…

May 12, 2012

So I watched A&E’s – “Flipped Off” premier show last week. I thought this one would be good as the group is in Houston, Texas – It was terrible – this might be the worst one yet. These shows are less about the actual business and more about the personalities on the show. I guess that is what makes for good TV. A&E should just stick to ‘Storage Wars’. That flip show with Vanilla Ice is better than this one.

It makes me curious how many new investors are out there as a result of these TV programs. The biggest problem I have with them is how they show the financials and over dramatize the cost. They show a rat in a toilet and then need to spend $8k to re-pipe the entire house. Everything is shown to an extreme. Most of these shows still don’t show any agent commissions being paid. I suppose you can make the numbers say what you want, but it would be nice to see the real numbers once in a while. 

I guess a show with a group of landlords in it would never make it past a few episodes. There is just not enough drama in landlording. As we all know there is drama, but it does not occur rapid fire like it does with all the moving parts involved in a house flip. This is probably good as I don’t want to see even more people bidding up properties trying to be a landlord.


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  1. “Rent this house” Staring Chuck and Valerie….ha ha! I guess you would need a little “spice” to the make the show interesting for non-landlords. lol!

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