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Dallas School Closings

March 17, 2012

So I had a scare earlier this week regarding School closings near one of my rentals. The DISD has been having budget problems for several years, so just recently the City Council voted to close 11 schools in the DISD. It was the big topic at the last council meeting, police were called out, people were arrested, etc. The vote to close the schools passed and 177 teachers lost their jobs.

My concern was the Elementary School that is a block away from one of my rentals might be on the list. Most of the closings were Elementary Schools, but I think two were Middle schools. In the end my Elementary School was not on the close list. It did give me a chance to further investigate the Elementary School – It is ranked Exemplary. It is 88% Hispanic and the smallest minority is white at 2%. I knew it was mostly Hispanic, but did not realize it was that to that degree. In any event, it is a good school with a student to teacher ratio of 22:1.

I am relieved it was not on the close list. I have had several tenants with kids that go to that school and it does seem like a good one as far as DISD schools. The schools they closed had attendance issues and those students were migrated to other schools. I am not sure what this would have done to the neighborhood or to the value of my rental. I assume it would have made it a less family oriented neighborhood and certainly decreased the value.

There are many things about my rentals that I can control: where I choose to buy, the tenants I put in there, the improvements I choose to make, etc. However, this really makes you think about the things that can alter the value of your rental that are beyond your control.

Dallas ISD to close 11 schools

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