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New Roof on Property 2

December 17, 2011

I had a new roof put on Property 2 this month. There has been no leaking inside, but I knew the roof was old and near the end of it’s life when I bought the property. I waited till after the Spring thunderstorms and called my insurance company.

After the insurance adjuster came out, I realized the roof contained 3 layers. The first layer was the old wood shingles with 2 composite layers on top of that. This is a heavy roof that can lead to damage to walls and foundation. They came out and did the appraisal and agreed to pay for the removal of all 3 layers, new decking, and roof replacement with 20 year shingles.

My Insurance Company cut me an initial check for about half of the roof cost. I then got a few bids and submitted one back to the Insurance Company. They then cut me the remainder holdback amount minus my deductible. I got several bids, but ended up going with a roofer that was on their list of approved vendors.  Here are the numbers on the new roof:

I told the roofer I was a frustrated landlord and wanted the roof that allowed him to kick back my deductible. He agreed to kick back about half of it or install a 30 year roof vs the 20 year. His roof also included  radiant barrier decking, and a couple of fans. I relented and went with this option as he was A+ rated by BBB and could get the job done the same week. I like the 30 year roof as it is installed with the architecture look vs the standard flat roof. I think it really upgrades the look of the home.

The house was about 16 squares and the separate 2 car garage was another 6. They finished the entire house in one day and came back the next morning and finished the garage. The weather cooperated, the job went smooth, and the roof looks great. The home was occupied during this project, but the roof went up quickly and my tenants did not appear to be too put out.

This is one of those repairs that I don’t think it allows you to charge more rent. However, the expense would have to be incurred someday – I would rather have my insurance pay for most of it. This also increases the value of the home. If I were to sell tomorrow, I would advertise and show receipts, warranty info, etc for this roof and ideally get some of this back through the sale price. It will extend the life of the home and prevent further problems from the old heavier roof.

Here are some pics:





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  1. Cesar permalink

    I have been reading your blog entries for the past couples weeks and have been learning a lot. I found this entry very interesting because of your strategy in controlling expenses. I thought leveraging your insurance policy was very smart. Didn’t you have any legal concerns when doing this?

  2. Cesar, Thanks for the comment. No legal concerns here. The roof had some hail damage and I contacted my insurance company. They are obligated to replace the roof. I probably should not have used the word Kickback…but they can typically find a way to refund some of the costs or something. I was out my complete deductible as I took the 30 year roof, radiant barrier, etc.

    Illegal or morally questionable techniques, would be to call your insurance company and get the first check and then just take it to the bank. They have changed their payout policy with a holdback provision here in TX so you would not get the full payment if you did this.

    You could also theoretically do some of the work yourself or hire day laborers and probably get the roof put and and actually make a few bucks. This is too much work and frankly too dangerous for me. I would probably fall off the roof or somebody else might and they would sue me or something…

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