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Renting a furnished property

November 14, 2011

I have only rented one property furnished and this was my old primary home.  I lived there for 3 years and after moving in with my now wife, there was no room for all of my furniture. I was not sure if I should charge more rent, take a bigger deposit, or just sell them the furniture.

The furniture was good, but nothing special. It was not left over college stuff, but it wasn’t fine furniture either. I really don’t value any of it highly. I set it up with my tenants that they can use any of the furniture, appliances, tools, pictures on the walls, anything that was there. When they leave it remains in the house. My plan was to use them as trading pieces. If you sign another 12 month lease, I will let you have that couch for example.

My tenants had just immigrated here to the US, so they really appreciated the furnished home more than I anticipated. I was planning on storing this furniture or giving it away – so this turned out to be a win-win situation. My tenants have recently extended for 24 months and are very happy with the home.

Would I do this again? I doubt it, this  instance was just situational and it worked out. This did give me a chance to do something I have never really considered – staging a rental. Most tenants already have furniture and are merely looking for a place to live – so it’s nothing I plan to continue, but this might be an interesting alternative if I ever have trouble renting a property.

I also left my lawn equipment, ladders, tools and other items that had me concerned about liability issues.  I typed up something and had them sign it.  Attached is the document. Please note, I developed this myself and it has not been reviewed by an attorney.

Furnished Home Inv and Policies


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