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Summary of our AC Issues in the Dallas Summer heat

November 5, 2011

I had 4 AC issues this year. Three were at my rentals and one was at our new primary. Thankfully for us we have a great AC contractor that is also  generally handy. I use him for a variety of things: all of my AC issues, some basic plumbing to installing a ceiling fan.  Without a doubt he is the MVP of our team. He almost always comes out the day that I call him. His day job is AC work for one of the local Municipalities here in Dallas.

The summer here in Dallas was brutal this year. There were fifty plus consecutive days over 100 degrees. This kind of weather is rough on AC units and we have a few older ones at our properties. I had a total of 4 calls this summer for AC related issues.

  1. The first call I got was on Property 2 early in the season. I was not able to go out there and check out the issue like I usually do. However, based on their description it sounded bad – I called my guy and sent him out there. He went out the same day and determined it was the fan motor. He got the fan working manually that night and had the necessary part at home and fixed it the next morning.  $170.
  2. The next call was on my larger home in Plano – Property 3. After listening to the tenant’s description of the issue I decided to drive over there (6 miles) and see if I could determine exactly what the problem was. This was my old primary and I knew the unit was only 5 years old. Apparently the power had flashed and the house would not cool after that. I called my AC contractor and walked him through what I was experiencing. He diagnosed the issue over the phone, told me what to do, and I had the place cooling down in 30 minutes. (compressor froze up) Cost $0.
  3. The third AC issue of the summer was at Property 6 just as we were moving into our new primary. I could only diagnose the problem enough to know that the outside unit was not turning on. This was an older unit so I was certainly concerned about this one. My AC guy came out and it needed a starter to kick the compressor on. This was a part about the size of a coke can that he left in the outside unit
    that forced the compressor to kick in when needed. Cost $80.
  4. The last issue we had was at our new primary just after we moved in. I knew the unit was working great, so I called my guy and he had me check a few things. Both the cable guy and our movers were up in the attic, so I am not sure which one tripped the breaker. Either way, this was an easy fix and a cost of $0.

I also had him do some preventive maintenance and Freon charge on 2 of the older units just before the summer heat kicked in.  Given the summer we had – this was a not a bad year for our HVAC units. I certainly feel more educated on AC systems after this summer.

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