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Answer Your Phone!

September 11, 2011

Last week I wrote about fielding those first phone calls after putting your sign in the yard. I put answering your phone at the top of the list for a reason. This sets the tone for the first impression of you. This single action will set you apart from half of the landlords right out of the gate. When you answer your phone you are immediately more personal and it’s the way people like to conduct business. This week I called on three For Rent signs in one of my farm areas to check some comps.  I got 2 voicemails and one that answered their phone. The landlord that answered her phone did an excellent job and mentioned she would be at the property the next day around 10am. I left voicemails at the other properties and never got a call back on either one.

I know the tenant attitude in my neighborhood. They will immediately assume the properties that let their phone go to voicemail are already rented or out of their price range. Their attention span is just not there. Unless they saw something they really liked, they will just move on. Answering your phone will get you the most candidates to choose from.

I know we all get frustrated when a tenant makes an appointment to view a property and does not show. While allowing your phone to go to voicemail may not be the same thing – It still shows you are not as responsive as you could be. Just as we are screening tenants, tenants are in a sense judging us as landlords as well.

Answering your phone every time it rings can be tough when you are in a client meeting or in church on a Sunday morning. I remedy this by calling them back as quickly as possible – Don’t wait until you get home that night or the football game is over. You should take advantage of any opportunity you can to set yourself apart from your competition and answering your phone does not cost you a dime.

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