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Using a flyer to Advertise and Prequalify Tenants

August 7, 2011

On our latest vacancy our only advertising was our sign in the yard. However, we did use our flyers again. We notice our call volumes are down dramatically when we put a flyer in the window with the rent amount and other critical information. I have done this in the past and I feel it insures the calls you get are more pre-qualified. It gets rid of some of the look-e-loos and curious landlords. When someone wants to see the house, I want to be sure they are legitimately interested and not just wasting my time. The home should already be within their budget, fit their family size, and they must like what they see from the outside.

I have also tried the tubes on the yard sign, but these seem to be more trouble than they are worth.  I could never keep enough flyers in there or somebody walks off with entire tube, someone doesn’t close the tube and they all blow down the street, or they get wet when it rains, etc.  The flyer taped in the front window will also bring the prospect close to the house and they can peek through the windows.  I am ok with this when the  house is vacant and actually leave the blinds open so that tenants can walk around the home.

I put pertinent information, but not every little detail.  I treat it as a quick sales pitch, so I leave out anything negative. For example, I put the deposit amount, but I don’t mention that I also require a pet fee. I will tell them about this later.

I also hand out my flyers to the neighbors, contractors or anyone else that might make a good tenant. I try to get my flyer posted in breakrooms or common areas of local businesses that might employ good tenants as well. I have had limited success here, but continue to try.

Attached is our basic flyer. We have played around with including maps and/or pictures at the bottom of our flyers as well. A google seach will show you various styles and additional ideas.

For Rent Flyer sample 1

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