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Rented out our current home

July 15, 2011

Well my fiancé rented out our current primary. It took her 9 days. She handled renting out our current place while I am working the closing on our new house. She is much better at picking tenants than I am anyhow. She used a flyer with the tube this time to advertise the property. The sign in the front yard and a few smaller signs at  some key intersections was our only advertising. The tenant looks really good – 55 year old single woman with great job history, excellent credit, non-smoker, no pets, no children. You really can’t ask for more.

The property is in great shape and should make an excellent home. This one is in Garland, so the city inspection will be in a couple of weeks. I went ahead and made a few repairs that I know they will flag based on past experience, but I don’t anticipate any further surprises.

On the home purchase front, things are progressing slowly. I am used to paying all cash for investment properties, so going through the conventional loan process is a bit more cumbersome than I remember. We should be closing on July 29, with new tenants moving into our current place on the first of August. I anticipate will be moving out as she is moving in on the same weekend. It will be interesting to see if it all comes together.

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