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Finally Passed the City Inspection

May 14, 2011

So I did take the opportunity with the vacancy in Property 5 to get the proper Inspection that is required of all landlords in this particular city.  I met the inspector at the house.  I feared him finding all sorts of issues, but it was not too bad.  I thought he was only looking for safety issues, but he is a City Code Compliance Inspector so he wrote up a few items that were just cosmetic issues.  He found the following:

    • Loose wire on garbage disposal
    • Non-painted trim board on the side of the house
    • No Shut off valve on the hot water heater
    • Overflow pipe not connected on hot water heater
    • Electrical outlet in the garage that was not wired properly
    • Fan not working in the hall bathroom

I painted the outside trim board near the garage one night after work. I also put the clamp connector on the garbage disposal and shoved the wire up in the disposal. The fan in the bathroom was just the switch so that was an easy one. I had to have my plumber for the hot water heater items and I also had him crawl up in the attic and cut down the wires to the homemade electrical outlet.  Total cost $75.

The permit was $55.  We also attended a free class that the City offers landlords which makes the $55 annual fee good for 3 years.  It also grandfathers you from internal inspections (unless your tenant calls the City and complains) for the 3 year period versus a new inspection with each change in tenant. The class was interesting if nothing else.  There was a group of probably 75-80 landlords or property managers in there.

They showed some pictures of various homes in disarray.  They also showed a video of a hot water heater exploding form various angles. Kind of cool. Then at the end of the class you got a certificate showing you are a certified landlord.  I think this is just a way to keep tabs on all of us and raise revenue. Anyhow, I avoided this last year as I feared what they might find.  In the end it was not bad at all and certainly worth it as I now have the utilities in my tenant’s name.  Total time of around 2.5 hours and another half hour travel time. I just hope I did not sign up to be on the City’s bullseye target.


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