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Updated our rental property application

April 10, 2011

I took the time during this last vacancy to update my rental property application.  I now have it down to one page.  The last line is now the authorization to pull credit.  I find with one page they are more likely to just fill it out on the spot rather than just take it with them.  The key elements that I think you need in the application is:

  • Basic Information. Names, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, dates of birth, and contact information.  You will need this for all applicants so be sure to include space for both applicant and co-applicant. I have also starting asking for copies of drivers licenses when I take a deposit.
  • Residential History. Where they live now, how long they lived there, why they are moving, and the name and contact information for their landlord.  I also like to get where they lived before their current address and the contact information for that landlord.
  • Employment Information. Where they work, how long have they worked there, name and contact information for their supervisor.  I also ask their salary and whether they are full or part time. Here again – leave room for both applicants.
  • Authorization to pull credit. This is the last line on my application. It just has a statement – “I authorize an investigation of my credit, rental history, and background for the purpose of….”  Signature and date.  I have needed this authorization for many apartment communities to release rental history information on my candidate.

Also be sure your application lists everyone that will be living in the house.

My latest add to the application was move-in date.  I recently had a great candidate only to later find out they did not want to move in for 45 days or so.   When I have 2 or 3 good tenants that are about equal, then move-in date can become a big factor.  Of course, I usually choose the one that can move in the quickest.

Also be sure to scan over it after they hand it to you and make sure everything is legible.  It is frustrating when you get ready to pull the credit and then realize you can’t read a digit in the social security number.

Here is my application..



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