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My Tenant did the Midnight Run on me..

April 4, 2011

My tenant in property 2 just moved out on me.  I thought it was coming as I got a call from some bank asking about a reference on my tenant earlier in the week.  They were a young couple with one child that had been with me 15 months and good tenants.  They kept the place really clean and always paid the rent on time.

On Thursday, he called me and said he is closing on a new home and not exactly sure when they would be moving out.  He wanted to move out as soon as he  closed on his new home.  I asked him to pay the full month’s rent when I saw him on Saturday and asked that he tell me as soon as he hears something. I made an arrangement with him that I would refund the difference if he ended up moving out prior to months end. I reminded him that I would refund his deposit if he mowed the yard, left the house in good condition and gave me some notice.

I also told him that I want to put my sign in the yard and start advertising the house for rent again.  This is in my lease, but I respectfully ask/tell them that I am doing so. He had no problem with this and has always been very understanding and respectful.

Then I get to the house on Saturday and it’s empty.  He just went and ahead and moved out.  I called him and left a message.  This is the complete opposite of what he told me on Thursday (2 days before).  He actually did return my call and said that the bank really started moving and the timeline quickly went from weeks to days. Therefore, he went ahead and moved in with an Uncle to wait out the last few days/weeks. He did leave the place in decent shape and hopefully I can get it rented out quickly.

Keeping the deposit will help some, but I would rather of had the 30 days notice. [Lesson learned – when a tenant calls you with some story that they might be moving soon – consider this your notice, be prepared, THEY ARE MOVING].  This is now my second vacancy in 2011 and we only have 5 homes.  Not a good start to the year.


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