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Use one paint color and type

December 19, 2010

Rental properties don’t have to be perfect, but a fresh coat of paint can really make them look clean.  When painting the interior I use one color of paint for the trim, walls, ceilings, etc.  No switching of rollers or paint buckets, no taping off trim, and nothing to slow down my painters.  This makes it easy when purchasing paint and all the rooms tie together nicely. 

I also like to use the base paint color before they mix in any colors.  This is a pure white color that lightens rooms and looks good.   If you can use the same paint in all of your rentals it will really save you time.  I use Latex paint in an egg-shell or even semi-gloss sheen for every room, trim, and cabinet in the house.

There are always exceptions to the above, especially when it saves time.  For rooms where the paint looks good except for a few spots and the color is neutral, consider just touching up those rooms.  The stores are getting good at matching paint and this will save you several hours.


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